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Windows Phone 10: A Sneak Peek on the Program and the Phone

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Windows 10 is coming.

Before anyone else gets excited, of course, we need to take a look at the Windows OS and the latest phone to sport it. As anyone knows, some of Microsoft?s latest phones are already sporting the Microsoft label on their phones and it has a certain interesting look to it. However, there are other things that need to be looked at with a reveal of this magnitude: the phone?s specs and features.

This is what we?re looking for in this Tech Advisor article. As everyone knows, with each new smartphone come some bugs and a certain learning curve that the user should get over. So here are some of the specs and features which people looking to buy a Windows phone running the latest OS should take a gaze at. There?s also this article from Inquisitr which takes a look at the latest Windows 10 OS?is it every bit the game changer it could potentially become, or will it join Microsoft?s other buggy failures?

One OS for All

Perhaps the biggest take-away from all this is this is what the future might look like.

First off, Windows 10 is the latest OS that Microsoft is working on. As per PC Advisor, this OS is being streamlined in such a way that all Windows phones will be running Windows 10, as well as PCs. PC Advisor is even puzzled about what to call it?Windows Phone 10 or Windows 10 Mobile? For sure, they?re trying to create the software as an all-around for whatever device is running it?although it was streamlined for 8? screens.

Windows 10 for phones seems like an attempt to create something akin to the iOS?an OS which never changes and just keeps on upgrading. However, will it ever be something that?s going to be as hard to crack as iOS?

10 for the Windows Phone

It?s a good time right now to buy a Windows phone, for the sole reason that the Windows Phone 10 will be coming to them free of charge. All phones, as per PC Advisor, which is currently running Windows 8.1 will be able to upgrade their phones? OS to Windows Phone 10 in a service upgrade rather than software upgrade capacity.

What else will be able to run the Windows 10 OS?

Anything that?s mobile?phones, tablets, hybrids, and notebooks?and even PCs will be able to run the OS. It?s an offspring of the move to make a streamlined OS which won?t confuse users, eliminating a steep learning curve when re-learning a device?be it PC or mobile. That alone is genius on the part of Microsoft.

Is it Worth it?

This is one question worth asking before Windows phone 10 arrives.

As with any OS Windows or any other company?even Apple?releases, the alpha build is one that has unseen circumstances?perhaps an off-shoot of limited time and poor research. Will the Windows phone 10 present new bugs and other things that people need to be wary about? Whatever the case, the Windows phone 10 still looks like it?s worth taking a look at .


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