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There have been many upon many debates on whether or not PC Gaming is dwindling into obscurity. If you’ve been following me for a while, I know that you know where I stand when it comes to my gaming habits. For those that don’t know hit the break.

I am first a pc gamer then a console gamer, in that order. I’ve been gaming for will over two decades and from the beginning I’ve games on a PC even on the Atari ST with a tape deck drive..Oh my, let me not relive the load processes. Now to be upfront with you I do love gaming period but if I had to choose I platform only, I would have to go with the PC platform. I feel like I can do so much more when it comes to community, friends lists, chatting via voice, video and text my options are near infinite.

With the consoles becoming more mainstream than your average PC gaming rig, I just wanted to post up a few videos I found around the net. These videos show you just a glimpse of the possibilities of the PC platform for gamers on all genres.

DirectX 10 never took off, but the games that did run using it, made all other games obsolete. Now with the new Windows 7 OS just around the corner DirectX 11 is built in as standard for gaming. The first video is a DirectX 11 DEMO and you tell me, this shit looks photo realistic and their isn’t a console on the planet (yet) that can match this type of fidelity.

That was just a sample of what water can look like in real time with DirectX 11 optimizations.

This next video is all in “REALTIME” no CG in this video…I repeat the next video is an all in engine “REAL TIME” showcase for the capabilities of DirectX 11. Your eyes might bleed, Play in HD and Full screen if you can.

Finally DX11 Features and SDK demonstration, you have to see this.

I hope you found this article interesting, please leave me your feed back and also let me know if there is a PC title that you would like to see more information on. Take care.

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