Windows 9 Rumours: New MS Office 2015 with Touch-Based Controls, More Support for Mobile Devices with DirectX12 and Improved Touch Screen Gestures

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Microsoft?s Windows 9 aka Threshold is expected to be launched around spring of next year with various changes targeting both computers and mobile devices. Some improvements include new touch-based MS Office, improvements on touch screen controls for machines and additional support for Windows Phones running devices.

New Office Version

Microsoft plans to release a new version of MS Office for the ?modern? Windows 9 OS. It will support touch-based gesture controls for MS Office 2015 on Windows machine and mobile devices running Windows Phone OS. Microsoft implemented this support in iOS devices such as iPad to make MS Office easier to use.

As of now, the latest MS Office 2013 features productivity tools for users such as Office 365 with online services, Office RT optimised for ARM-based devices, Windows Store version for 8 and RT, and the Office Mobile used on Windows Phone 8 running devices.

Supported Devices

Windows 9 will support computers and mobile devices running Windows Phone OS such as Nokia Lumia series and Surface tablets. Moreover, Microsoft will extend more support for ARM-based devices.

In Windows 8 and 8.1, machines without any touch screen support use the mouse or touchpad in order to utilise gestures. But in Windows 9, users will have easier access using the mouse or?touchpad to make gesture controls more comfortable such as having a taskbar in the Start Screen or in the Modern Apps.

Extended Mobile Support

According to sources, Microsoft may focus more on mobile devices with Windows 9 instead of keeping the new technology on machines. Windows 9 with DirectX 12 are both expected to be released next year to support mobile devices.

Windows 9 will cater more games and apps from computers to mobile devices such as Lumia, ARM-based devices and Surface slates while DirectX12 allows better development of gaming experience and extends support on mobile devices to optimise hardware and battery efficiency.

Windows 8 and 8.1 demonstrated revolutionary OS feature from traditional software installation to the dawn of mobile apps. However, several issues have found and reported on the current Windows OS which forced some users to downgrade to Windows 7 that supports a wider range of programs for Windows.

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