Windows 9 Release Date: More Apps, Better Power Management

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Microsoft tried to create an all ? in ? one touchscreen system in slender tablets. This is the reason why Windows 8, now Windows 8.1, became successful. However, the general consensus thinks that the technology still has a long way to go. Known Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott said in January 2014 that the company is planning to launch Windows 9 in April 2015.

Windows Threshold

The next Windows version is referred to as the Windows 9, but comes with the rumored codename Threshold. There is a possibility that the codename was in reference to the people?s reliance on the desktop to a whole new world circulating on the Start screen.

The rumor further escalated when Microsoft mentioned Windows 9 in its job posting on March 13, 2013. According to the said post, the company is looking for a Bing Software Development Engineer. He or she will work with a team that will deliver products,? including IE 11 services integration, touch ? friendly devices, and Windows 9.

The rumored release date is less than three years after Windows 8 was launched. However, it is still undetermined if the new Windows O.S will serve as a Windows 7 standalone upgrade or if it will require Windows 8. There is a thought coming out that Microsoft is releasing Windows 9 because Windows 8 has become too tarnished.

More Apps, Better Power Management

Other reports suggest that Windows Threshold will reveal a full ? return of the Start menu and apps from Windows 8 can now be used on desktop. Bruce Worthington said on a recent video in Channel 9 that they are looking forward to the next version since people are interacting more using their phones. Since Windows Phone 8 is already based on the kernel of Windows Phone, better power management is surely needed.

During the last earnings call of Microsoft, CFO Peter Klein cleared that they are aware of the need to make Windows 8 tablets cheaper. The company knows that their growth relies on their ability to provide exciting hardware to customers at the demanded price ? points. More details on the rumored release of the Windows 9 Threshold are expected at Build 2014, Microsoft?s annual conference for developers.


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