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Windows 8.1 Store Update: Curated Apps and Better Navigation

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Microsoft unveiled the new Windows 8.1 Store on Tuesday with changes to make finding apps easier. The update, which was announced on the company?s Windows Experience blog, is aimed at providing a more mouse – and keyboard ? friendly navigation for those who do not have touchscreen devices.

Persistent Navigation Bar

The previous Windows Store required a right ? click or a finger ? swipe to navigate. The newly improved Store now has a navigation bar that stays pesistently on top for quick access. According to the blog, customers wanted to gain quick access to the chart ? toppers, better browsing of curated Collection, or improved seach by top categories they like. All of these can now be seen in the navigation bar.

Curated Collections

The company boasts of its team of experts curating Collections to help users discover new apps. For instance, the Getting Started Collection contains the highest rated and most downloaded apps. The Store also has theme ? based Collections, featuring apps for music, sports, travel and so on. Users can also find great deals in the Red Stripe Deals Collection, containing 6 top apps and games that are being sold for at least 50% off.

Grouped Featured Apps

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The Store team also grouped the best apps for easier ? navigation. They can be seen on the Store landing page, as well as on the Category pages. Titles that are on sale will now have a strike ? through on the original prices and color the sale price in red. This will make it easier for customers to find the best deals.

Use of Downloaded Apps Across All Windows Devices

In addition, app publishers can now link their free Windows Phone and Windows apps. This gives users the convenience of quickly identifying and downloading apps across all their Windows devices. Publishers can also choose to link their paid apps so when a customer buys once, they can enjoy it across their Windows devices. The same also applies to in ? app purchases of durable items, so users can unlock purchases on another platform. While this may be a voluntary decision for the app developers, ?this new feature makes the revamped Windows 8 Store awesome.

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