Windows 10 Vs Apple OS X El Capitan: The Battle Of 2015?s Biggest OS Begins

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With yesterday?s launch of Windows 10, it is only natural to start pitting Microsoft?s newest OS against the Apple OS X El Capitan which has been operating on beta version for some time now.?Both OS have similar features but the Windows 10 comes in full steam as it offers a wholly revamped experience that Windows users have been longing for especially those who were demented by Microsoft?s touch-embracing interface Windows 8. Numerous people have now claimed that the new OS from Microsoft has been leaps beyond in improvement that it stomps on Apple?s recent OS X El Capitan. With this, a comparison between the two is a must.

Some may think that pitting Microsoft?s OS and Apple?s is a lopsided match as Microsoft is trying to rise-up from their abhorred Windows 8, but this isn?t a comparison on which OS has better improved itself, this comparison will dwell on what is now the better OS as Microsoft has blossomed their latest OS to stand against Apple?s. Here is our comparison:

Note: This review has been composed based on our insights as well as previews and reviews from Laptopmag, The Next Web, The Verge, Wall Street Journal, and Digital Trends.

Interface and Features

Windows 10

The new system from Microsoft has now brought back the long-loved start button, but it didn?t content itself by just re-introducing it. The new OS has merged both qualities of the Windows 7 and 8 as opening Start now brings a large search field where you can pin all your apps. Opening Start opens your frequently used apps on the left side and live tiles on the right, a huge relief for those who hated the windows button from Windows 8 as users will now longer have to contend with being tacked with a full-screen display of tiles. The live tiles are also re-sizable so you can personalize it on how much it fills-up your screen, or you can even forego live tiles by removing it.

The new interface is compellingly sleek and customizable. It also mainstreams task view, a similar feature to Apple?s Mission Control where users can display all windows for easy access. Microsoft?s latest OS has now introduced a dedicated button to open task view, negating the need to press the shortcut alt+tab. The task view from Microsoft?s latest OS however flails in comparison to OS X El Capitan which has a cleaner look as well as having the ability?to exit apps with Mission Control.

While the latest OS from Microsoft is now focused on mouse and keyboard computing, they are not forgetting about convertible laptop users as they provide Continuum, a simple tool which helps users easily change the interface from touch and non-touch environments.

A Google Now and Siri-like digital assistant is also now being introduced for with ?Cortana?, serving as an extension of the start menu. Cortana has voice recognizing features and acts as an organizer, and search helper. Cortana is a huge advantage for Microsoft especially as Apple still lacks Siri on desktops.

The new Microsoft OS also introduces the Xbox app which allows users to stream Xbox One games on computers. The App store of Microsoft?s latest OS is also poised to deliver console games in the future like Rise of The Tomb Raider and Gears of War.

The latest Microsoft OS features its new browser called Edge which was claimed to be blazing fast. Personalizing Edge and snapping tabs however feels clunky in this browser. Performance issues and a lack of browser plug-ins also bogs down Edge. Microsoft however plans to address this in the future.

OS X El Capitan

The Apple OS X El Capitan retains its clutter-free and polished looking interface with a small magnifying glass on the search field. The interface however looks too plain when stacked side-by-side with Microsoft?s. Not much improvements have been made to Apple?s interface considering that is just a fine-tuning of Yosemite?s features, however, Apple claims that their latest OS boosts the performance by enabling it to open any app 1.4 times faster.

The mission control feature of the Apple OS X El Capitan?also brings a clutter free experience as you can easily position thumbnails on the desktop, and you can also close apps by clicking the exit button on the thumbnail. It also has a natural search language search where you can see the results of what you want as you type it.

Apple?s browser has also been improved by allowing users to pin websites on the top corner of the browser as well as a ?mute all tabs? feature so you can immediately stop the noise when a video or an ad automatically plays. The ?Attachments Browser? also lets you scan all available notes, pinterest style, so you can search for something easily visually.

Apple also introduces a notes app which not enables you to jot down notes then immediately bullet-list it into a check list (for grocery, shopping, etc) and even add in a photo or map, or even other apps.

Search and Multitasking

OS X El Capitan

Mac owners are playing catch-up with multitasking as the ability to open two full-screen tabs have been available on the Windows 8. Apple OS X El Capitan?showcases ?Split View? which enables users to open two windows equally in full-screen. It also enables users to resize which of the two they wish to occupy more of the screen by simply dragging the window left or right. Doing this feature in the latest OS by Apple however is cumbersome compared to the new OS from Microsoft– and even Windows 8.

Windows 10

The Snap View has now been improved as users are now welcome to use up-to four full screen windows at once. A Snap Assist View also gives Windows?s OS the edge as it allows users to pick subsequent apps easily. It is hower easier to do this in Microsoft?s OS at it enables users more tabs in fullscreen, or four at once. A snap assist view is also available for perusal as it helps you pick subsequent apps you want to ?snap?.


Windows 10 crushes the competition by bringing a much sleeker interface. It also proves to be king for multitasking.

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