Windows 10 Updates This Week: Additional Bug Fixes, Apple Boot Camp Support, Exciting Apps Revealed!

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Love it or hate it but the Windows 10 is here to stay, here are some of the updates on the newest operating system.

Since its launch last month in over 190 countries last July 29, we?ll put up the changes that were made on the new OS from its early beta build up to its public release. Before we check the updates, let?s take a look on the latest features that we can expect from Windows 10 that will be an improvement from the older operating systems.

  • Microsoft Edge replaces the Internet Explorer as the default web browser
  • Windows Media Center has been discontinued, those with Media Center installed during the free upgrade will get the Windows DVD Player instead
  • It incorporates the intelligent personal assistant Cortana to the new OS
  • Includes the newest DirectX 12 application programming interfaces that will provide ?console level efficiency? with reduced CPU and graphics driver overhead
  • Allows game streaming from the Xbox One and a heavier integration with the Xbox ecosystem
  • A new iteration for the Start Menu, which can be resized or expanded full screen.
  • Incorporates a multi-factor authentication technology where it has improved functions for biometric authentication with the use of Windows Hello and Windows Passport platforms.


Now we already shared the overview of the new features, let?s take a look at the updates on Windows 10 which happened since its launch:

  • Additional bug fixes from the early build versions
  • Improvements on Microsoft Edge?s performance
  • Watermark during the early build version has been removed
  • Mozilla Firefox gets a new update for Windows 10
  • New apps are available for Windows 10, such as Fitbit?s universal app and Stardock
  • Apple updated their Boot Camp app with Windows 10 support
  • Microsoft has updated their service agreements (this is different from the End User License Agreement) stating that Microsoft will check for any pirated games in your system and blocks it

So far these are the new things that were added to Windows 10, you can also check our other Windows 10 related news on the current bugs and issues in the newest OS.

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