Windows 10 Update Will Bring Exciting New Features and Advanced AI

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Apparently, the latest build of Windows 10 update is being developed. The latest update is bound to help improve the user?s experience. The tech giant, Microsoft has revealed that the new update will feature amazing new features.

Windows 10 Update?

While not ready to be downloaded yet, Microsoft stated that they are working on a massive improvement. The company aims to bring a working and improved computer speech recognition publicly. ?An all new conversational speech recognition system?s release could be imminent.

The new Windows 10 update will give the users a closer relationship with their computers. The new system helps the computer greatly in understanding the human language. The next generation computer speech system was recorded with an error rate of 6.3%.

Windows 10

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It was the lowest error rate ever recorded in the leading Artificial Intelligence test. The company?s chief speech scientist has stated that their new best system achieved an error rate of 6.9%. A NIST 2000 switchboard set was used in the test.

The chief speech scientist believed that it was the best performance recorded to date. The recognition system was also not based on system combination. Their new discovery was the product of development led by the AI community from a variety of organizations.

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Microsoft’s Cortana

Windows 10 Cortana was recently launched by Microsoft. Cortana provides searches, minor support and other features. However, it is very likely that the potential of the technology could go even further.

Some of the researchers even believe that we are about to reach the point where the computers are able to understand the words that are coming out of people?s mouth. And would react just like a normal person would.

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Microsoft’s Objective

Furthermore, the research about the speech is also similar to Microsoft?s AI strategy. Instead of just plain responding to the commands, the AI must anticipate the user?s needs as well. The next windows 10 update could provide an advanced intelligent system.

The ambition of the company is to provide an intelligent system. That are able to speak, hear, see and even comprehend. It will greatly affect the human lifestyle today.

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