Windows 10 Update Problems: Are You Eligible To Be Compensated By Microsoft?

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Windows 10 update problems have been reported by many customers. Many have complained claiming that their computers upgraded without permission. Others have reported that some of the functions have stopped working as well.

Which, the consumer watchdog, found that 12 percent of Microsoft consumers who have downloaded Windows 10 reverted back to a previous version of Windows. This was so as they experienced problems after installation. Their survey involved 5,596 British customers wherein 2,500 of which have made the jump to Windows 10.

Microsoft spokesman was quoted saying that Windows 10 is designed to get people ?to take advantage of the most secure and productive Windows version. This is according to a?report by Telegraph.?The spokesman added that if the consumer should need any help in their upgrade experience then the company will offer?numerous options and that included free customer service. Microsoft made good on this promise with U.S. user Teri Goldstein. They may even have gone further by compensating her for the trouble but not without a cost.?

Goldstein updated to Windows 10. This left her computer unusable for days. She was compensated with $10,000 for her troubles. Many?consumers are now urging Microsoft to do the same.

Consumer Outrage

There have been many complaints from customers about the Windows 10 update problems. Some complained about how their webcams or speakers stopped working after the upgrade. Some even lost files and experienced problems with their WiFi connection after the upgrade as well.

The consumer watchdog, Which, ?has urged Microsoft to repair and compensate its customers who experienced troubles and losses because of the upgrade. They contend, as pointed out by Telegraph, that the traditional consumer rights for tangible products are also applicable to digital goods. This should also cover the Windows 10 update problems?mentioned.?

The Teri Goldstein Case

Teri Goldstein took Microsoft to the small claims court after the update crippled her PC. It was also claimed that she did not permit the upgrade. She owns TG Travel Group and she uses her computer a lot for her business. The upgrade caused her many troubles that she had to do multi-step workarounds just to log on every day. This is according to a report by Computer World.

She had lost $17,000 in lost business and expenses because of the failed upgrade. Goldstein?claimed that Microsoft had offered her $150 to go away and this led her to file a case against them in a small claims court for the maximum amount of $10,000.

Teri Goldstein?won the case and many customers now feel that they should follow her footsteps. She too encourages customers to follow her footsteps. She said that they can contact her and talk to her about their rights. You can find her contact details in one of her websites?Travels with Teri.

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