Windows 10 Update News: Bugs & Problems Plague Latest OS, What You Need To Know

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A guide on how to enable the powerful GodMode tool on the new Windows 10 Technical Preview. (Image courtesy of Microsoft)

The latest update of Windows 10 has been fixed after users reported various problems in regards to change in privacy settings and deletion of certain apps after installation.

Reported Bugs

The new update of Windows 10 is quite annoying for users who have complained that Windows is disabling or deleting apps without their permission. According to BGR the bugs in the new update of Windows 10 affects certain programs such as hardware management and monitoring tools Speccy and CPU-Z.? Gamers have also complained that new update also affects AMD Catalyst Control Center which is used for the tweaking the settings of the graphic card. Microsoft can however delete your illegal apps and games that cause security problems such as risk of malware or leak of personal information.

The bugs in the latest Update also seem to cause various other problems such as instant wake up of system after sleeping, excessive use of power by Mail app, lock screen failing to hide the full desktop and many more.

The other significant problem in the Windows 10 Update according to ZDNet is the new Windows reset the four privacy settings of the users to default. ?The four settings that were reset to default are Let apps use my advertising ID, Turn on SmartScreen Filter for web content, Let apps run in the background and Sync with devices. This bug allows advertisers to track users across applications and share private user information with wireless gizmos like Bluetooth.

Microsoft had pulled down the latest update from its download servers last weekend after privacy concerns were raised by the users. Microsoft has released a new fix on Tuesday that addresses the bugs in the update and also made a statement that it plans to restore the settings of the users affected. It also clarified that only few of Window 10 users were affected by this update. This has been confirmed by Ars Technica which said users upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 were not affected but those already on Windows 10 were affected.

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