Windows 10 Update: New OS Disables Pirated Games and Software?

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Numerous users praised Microsoft as they were given the Windows 10 OS for free which provided them with a sleek interface and numerous new functionalities. Things however took a turn recently when news broke out that Microsoft updated their end user license agreement, giving them?the right to remove pirated games and illegal software from Windows 10 users.

According to Gamespot, section 7B of the EULA states that Microsoft has the right to automatically check downloaded content.

?We may automatically check you version of the software and download software updates or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices,? the note stated.

This could possibly mean that Microsoft may disable games on PCs, windows phones, and tables, Gamespot reported.

Windows 10 Update Scare Is A Hoax?

According to PC World, Microsoft has only changed the EULA for the Microsoft Services Agreement, not the EULA for Windows 10.

?Instead, it?s for Microsoft?s various online and cross-device-services-many of which run on Windows 10?such as Cortana, Groove, Office 365 Home, Skype, Xbox Live, and Xbox and Windows games published by Microsoft.

Gamespot reinforced PC World?s claims in their updated story, saying pirated Xbox Live and Windows Store content are the only ones in danger of being disabled. This means that your ripped games and freely downloaded Adobe Photoshop are safe.

?Those who are still scared from the issue can still rest easy as disabling pirated games on Windows 10 is difficult for Microsoft, Forbes reported. While there is a chance for the company to take-down illegally acquired software in the future, it is harder for them to do this for PC software than on Xbox Games.

Forbes wrote:

?It is also harder to accurately scan every variant of PC software than spotting Xbox titles, but it does still mean there?s a good chance any software you run on Windows 10 may not last much longer.?

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