Windows 10 Tip: How To Unlock The Useful But Hidden ‘GodMode’ Tool

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A guide on how to enable the powerful GodMode tool on the new Windows 10 Technical Preview. (Image courtesy of Microsoft)

??????????? GodMode is a popular tool that Windows 7 and 8 power users have long enjoyed. If you recently updated your PC to the new Windows 10 Technical Preview, you don?t have to miss all the practical features that GodMode has to offer. Today, we will show how to enable it on your Windows 10-powered machines.

What is the GodMode tool?

??????????? When activated in Windows 8, GodMode appears simply as folder that includes various links to all of the settings and configurations of the Control Panel. Creating a folder may not seem as a difficult task but creating and utilizing this particular folder requires knowledge of a special code.

??????????? If you?re well-versed in the gaming world, you know that there?s always a tweak that will grant you ?god-like? powers like unlimited lives, invincibility, or infinite weapons. All of those tweaks are cool but they are, in reality, just a cheat. If you?re one of the tech-savvy Windows 10 testers and you?d like to enjoy those similar powers, Microsoft?s latest OS has its own GodMode that will give you access to more than 200 settings all within one folder.

??????????? This functionality is initially known as the ?Master Control Panel.? Later on, lots of tech bloggers dubbed it as GodMode, in reference to PC games. It basically make your digital life easier by letting control your PC more efficiently. For instance, you can quickly change your computer?s screen resolution by simply typing a certain command that will redirect you to the appropriate Control Panel settings. This tutorial is lifted by a post generously provided by folks from Take a look at the outlined steps we provided below.

How to unlock GodMode on Windows 10

??????????? Just like in Windows 7 & 8, activating GodMode on Windows 10 is a no-brainer. All you have to do is create a folder and give it a really specific name. You can put this folder anywhere but if you want to access it quickly, you can have it on your desktop. Here?s how it?s done.

  • On your PC?s desktop, right click on empty space on and choose New > Folder.
  • Right click on the new folder and select Rename.
  • Rename the folder exactly as the following (just copy-paste it):


  • After that, the icon of the folder will change to the Control Panel?s icon.
  • That?s it! You may now open the folder and you?ll find several utilities and options that you can change according to your preference.


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