Windows 10 Spec Requirements: What You Need to Know Before Installation

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After a long time of speculation, Windows 10 is finally going to come to the people.

Microsoft earlier revealed the latest OS to come out of their labs, deeming it ready enough to be seen by the people. However, most would hesitate to do anything with it, since it?s going to come out as an alpha build?in my experience, alpha builds tend to disappoint; there are a lot of bugs left over from development, and they are usually addressed in later versions. But this version of Windows is worth taking a look at, even at these early stages.

What make it worth taking a risk at are such programs like Windows Holographic and the Spartan project. As per articles from CNN and PC World, these two programs are not just for show or clunky ones. As the name suggests, Holographic makes use of the prevalent augmented reality tech; Spartan, however, addresses a more vital issue?the much-maligned Internet Explorer. Will it be something else other than an improved version of the Internet Explorer? Let?s take a look at these programs and see if it?s all worth something.

It?s a Holographic World After All

While Windows Holographic does use programs to enact its will, it?s a lot more than that, as per PC World.

Windows Holographic is an ?attempt to immerse its customers into a computerized world?, as per CNN. In short, it?s like Oculus Rift for business?something that has got me thinking whether Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates struck a deal or something. The Windows Holographic has a different kind of hardware to use, however?the HoloLens glasses does for Windows Holographic users what the Oculus Rift does for gamers.

News like this always hastens my thinking that the future might feature VR headsets in a smaller, much compact capacity?making them efficient tools for people to use, unlike their clunky ancestors only seen in arcades in the past.

Madness? No, It?s Spartan

Another big innovation coming along with the Windows 10 is the Spartan.

The Spartan project, as per the PC World article, aims at making the Internet Explorer a more improved version of its former incarnations. A lot of innovations have been bundled along with the web browser, aimed at making it the browser of choice for users without resorting to others like Firefox or Google, most of whom had been efficient so far. Coming along with the Spartan are features like a note-taking mode, a clipping tool, and a Reading Mode, as per PC World.

Considering that the Internet Explorer was widely maligned because of how slow it was in terms of loading web pages, it?s easy for the Spartan to shadow that. Let?s just hope there?s none of the stuff that made the Internet Explorer go slow or lag.

A Better Windows?

This version of Windos is aimed to consolidate all devices so that information can be easily stored and retrieved.

With Microsoft?s acquisition of Nokia, this will be a big move. Is Microsoft trying to go toe to toe with Apple, who got an early jump on them in terms of platform compatibility? It?s sure to be an exciting time, what with a new OS trying to be synchronized across different devices.


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