Windows 10 Update: What To Expect From Redstone 2

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Windows 10 Update Redstone 2

On Aug. 2, Microsoft has released the much awaited Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which was the biggest update thus far. After this update, they actually planned to release another one – codename Redstone 2. However, after much deliberation, Microsoft has decided to postpone the launch.

According to Microsoft, the development for Redstone 2 started months before they even started developing Redstone 1. For the developers, this is a normal procedure as it allows them to plan out the features for the new operating system.


Redstone 2 is set to introduce an array of new features on its release and among them is OneClip. OneClip is Microsoft?s version of a universal cross-device clipboard. This application is available on platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, and other known operating systems. The idea behind OneClip is to be able to have a single universal clipboard that users can use across platforms. This will allow users to easily copy and paste between mobile devices and their PC.

The new version of OneClip will be the same as its previous version with only minor UI changes.


OneClip (via

Office Hub

This feature is meant to fully integrate Office 365 to Windows. Users will be able to easily access their documents, emails, calendar appointments and even apps. They will also be able to monitor changes done to the shared files on their shared folders.

Working Sets

Working Sets give users the ability to consolidate documents, people, and reference materials into one group. This helps ease collaboration within projects and organize individual tasks.

These sets can be pinned to the Start Menu and task bar and gives users an all easy access to files connected to certain projects. When sets are pinned to the Start Menu, users will be given instant updates through Live Tiles.

Redstone 2 was meant to be released late this year. However, Microsoft decided to postpone the launch due to some technical problems. Microsoft now intends to release Redstone 2 early next year along with the new Surface Pro.

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