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Windows 10 Preview Update Freezes Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Book

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Previously, it was reported that customers who bought Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book and Windows 10 subscribers are facing some issues, and WinBeta has a news for them. ?

?Just as some Microsoft Surface owners began to peek their heads out from the dense woods of uncertainty about their product due to a massive sleep/wake issue finally being resolved, the company fires a warning shot with its latest Insider preview update that may have many scurrying back,? reads WinBeta blog.

The blog also stated that the Windows team is investigating the issue of freezing or hang and all input devices do not work. A few weeks earlier, Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 owners were trying to update their devices as both the devices were released in October 2015, and they encountered the issue, notes Inquisitr.

The product manager of the Surface line, Panos Paney wrote on the Windows blog addressing the problem.

?Building devices people love is what drives our team. It?s why we come to work every morning and it?s what keeps us up at night. And feedback from our customers is really important to the team and to me personally. I read the blogs, I read the comments, I read social media, I read the forums?and so does the team,? said Panos Paney.

Not everyone is happy about the latest update from Microsoft since some users are facing problems following the update.

?Mine installed fine? but some really odd issues immediately after. First detach attempt resulted in the whole thing freezing up as soon as the clipboard was off the base. Re-attached, forced it to reboot. After reboot, locked up on the login screen (stuck at ?turning the camera on?). Was able to shut down normally & rebooted again. This time, it logged me in, but Surface Detach thought the clipboard was still detached,? said forum user zerospace-net (via Inquisitr).

Other users claimed that some of the updates actually failed which then led to some other problem.

?It seems like working ok so far, my windows hello camera still randomly having a hard time to turn on and work, luckily I still have my fingerprint log in as a backup,? said surfaceproX on the forum (via Inquisitr).

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