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Windows 10 Mobile Update: Leaked Image Shows OS Will Roll Out 2 Days From Now?

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Hopes are high that, indeed, Windows 10 Mobile will be released this month. We hardly take note of unfounded rumors, but an Italian site caught our attention for one thing: it has a definite date of the launching.

Windows Blog Italia (not officially connected to Microsoft) reported that Windows 10 Mobile will be launched this Thursday, March 17. So, why should we believe this site when we?ve seen a lot of rollout prediction misses including the one by Vodafone Italy?s March 7-13 target? For one, we?re really excited that we?re willing to be naive for a minute. The site posted this ?leaked document? from China.
windows 10 mobile leak
We?re still verifying the document and its source, which is apparently from a Chinese site, The image shows a tabulated list of Lumia phones, capped with a copy: ?Good news that Windows 10 for in-market products OTA will go live on Mar-17, the products include:? thereby showing the list of Lumia phones, including Lumia 1520, 930, and 640.

These are older Lumia models, that is, they feature Windows Phone 8 or 8.1, fueling speculations that they?re up for Windows 10 Mobile update three days from now.

In an earlier article, we floated the idea that the latest Windows will be rolled out this March after a series of delays that have started since November 2015. Apparently, Microsoft will be releasing an opt-in version first to check for bugs. After a period of fixing bugs, a broader automatic update rollout will follow for older Windows Phone devices.

Windows 10 Mobile is a milestone platform for Microsoft because the OS will allow universal apps to cross over devices, such as, PCs, Surface, and Xbox units. Many analysts believe it will be a make or break for Microsoft Mobile, which has been bleeding money since, well, ever in light of tough competition from Apple and Android.

As soon as we have the latest buzz on Windows 10 Mobile, we?ll sure to update you.

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