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Windows 10 Mobile Release Date Coming This March: 3 Things You Should Know

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Windows 10 mobile is set for a rollout in December.. wait, January, no, this February? okay, this month of March if the world is not ending. Lumia users will be happy to know that Microsoft is finally launching the platform after a series of delays, which had tested even people with the patience of a lizard.

Windows 10 mobile will deliver universal apps for phones, PCs, and tablets. That means you need not download separate versions for one app for cross-device access. It?s a feature worth waiting for, one that no Android or Apple device users will experience yet.

Meanwhile, here are 3 things to remember when the release happens this March.

1. Separate rollouts for upgrade and update

The March launching will have a separate rollout for Windows 8 upgrade and Windows 10 service update for Lumia 950 and 950 XL (where the new OS is preinstalled). Previously, Windows 10 mobile is thought to be launching the two actions simultaneously in February.

2. Rollout may be an opt-in

Microsoft plans to go for an opt-in Windows 10 mobile release, meaning, you will need to manually install the new OS to your Lumia, according to TechRadar. The company expects bugs during the opt-in period and will use this time to clean up the platform. After which, Windows 10 mobile will be forcefully pushed to the right phones.

3. Delay is always a possibility

This month?s target is expected to push through even as the rollout has been delayed since December and thereafter for every month. The question is–will there still exist Lumia users on Windows 8 by the time Windows 10 mobile come to existence? We won?t be surprised if these people have upgraded to Lumia 950 or bought an S7 or iPhone 6 by rollout time after their patience has worn thin.

Stay tuned in this site for updates on Windows 10 mobile.

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