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Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update For Older Microsoft Lumia Smartphones: This App Tricks Microsoft To Send You The Update

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Towards the beginning of August, Microsoft began rolling out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for all the PCs. Needless to say, Lumia smartphone users were frantically waiting for the update for about two weeks now. However, today, the tech giant has started rolling out the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update as well.

As you might have guessed already, not all Lumia devices are receiving the update. In case you had purchased an unlocked Windows 10 Mobile device, you?ll be getting the firmware first.?Microsoft noted that the ?availability may vary by manufacturer, model, country or region, mobile operator or service provider, hardware limitations and other factors.?

However, if you are one of those old Lumia handset users, you are not scheduled to receive the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update, well, at least not officially. This is because the old Lumia handsets might not meet the basic requirement for such a big firmware update. This also means, in case, you download and install the update, there is a good chance that your handset might become slow and it will affect the overall performance significantly.

But then, if you are desperate to get the update in your old Windows 10 Mobile or even Windows Phone, there apparently is a way to fool Microsoft and get this firmware in the old Lumia devices.

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According to folks at XDA Developers, to be specific the Dormant Hackers Team, there is a new app built to fool the system to believe that the smartphone trying to get the update is a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and thereby, it bypasses the integrity checks. This app reportedly works for both single and dual SIM models.

As a first step,?install the app given in the XDA Developers thread. You can follow the step by step instructions listed there.

The summary of the steps is that, after installation, you have to choose one of the options: single or dual-SIM variant. Following which you should tap ?Allow Update.? This will reportedly alter the device information to show Lumia 950 XL. Now, choose the Windows Insider ring to install the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update.

Prior to installing this app, Lumia users should note that this process will not work on smartphones with 512MB of RAM,?WinBeta noted. To top it off, this app doesn?t have the capability to upgrade a Windows Phone 8.1 powered handset to Windows 10 Mobile. Don?t lose hope as the developers at XDA are working on this.

It is worth noting that TheBitbag doesn?t recommend such apps, precisely because sometimes fooling the system could brick the device and make it unusable. If you are desperate enough to try this, please do not forget to take backups, and never run such workarounds using your daily driver.


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