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Windows 10: Less than Enough for Windows Phones

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Windows 10 is coming, and it?s also packaged for phones.

While you let that sink in for a while, let?s take a look at what this means for phones. Some of Windows 10?s features may or may not be available for these phones?specifically the Windows Phone variants?but that doesn?t mean that they will be available fully, if indeed they are coming. There are still some bugs to be ironed out; kinks to be detected; issues to be resolved.

We take a look at what the Windows 10 will be bringing to Windows phones, as per Pocket Lint. Those who?ve already used Windows phones will doubtless be excited as to what game-changers the OS will be bringing; those who have yet to use a Windows phone should recognize that now is the perfect time to go ahead and do so. Also, we take a look at the long-term effects of the Windows phone, as per CNET. Is it every bit as good as it was advertised?

Windows 10: A Look on it on Windows Phones

The Lumia days are officially over, it seems, with the arrival of Windows 10 for phones.

Windows 10 for phones looks a tad bit similar to Windows 8.1, but with a bit more features than its predecessors. As per Pocket Lint, the list of apps gets expanded; the camera gets a boost with the Denim camera, which has a ton of features added such as the fast shot mode and the magic wand tool which enables you to make high dynamic range photos.

As it seems, the Windows 10 OS did away with some apps which Microsoft thought to be not needed. There are some apps which replaced it, or a whole collection of apps were consolidized, such as the case with the photo viewer.

Windows 10 a good fit?

CNET presents a good argument concerning the arrival of the Windows 10 OS.

The OS is being viewed by many as Microsoft?s way of trying to make up for lost ground from Apple?this in the case of seamless integration between platforms. As per CNET, Apple has solved that conundrum more or less since day 1 when the iPhone was launched. Microsoft, meanwhile, is still in a sort of trial-and-error process with the Windows 10. While some apps?like Cortana?is a step up, at least they?re taking a few tiptoes in the right direction.

Will there ever come a day when Windows 10 becomes a household word? Perhaps, but that day isn?t coming just yet.

Windows 10?s future

What?s exciting about Windows 10 is that it has a bright future. Being the first of the series, Windows 10 might evolve to become something similar to the Mac OS in terms of operability between platforms?that?s going to be the time when Microsoft can boldly go toe-to-toe with Apple once again, albeit on a different platform.


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