Windows 10 Guide: Enable Cortana Outside The United States

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Here?s how you can ?talk? to Cortana if you?re using Windows 10 outside the U.S. (Image courtesy of Windows)

If you follow Microsoft?s moves these past weeks, then you already know that the company?s renowned digital voice assistant, Cortana, has made its appearance on Windows 10 Technical Preview. However, those who live beyond the borders of the U.S. may learn that this feature won?t work for them. Thankfully, there?s a way to get around this. Read on and find out.

Cortana on Windows 10 Technical Preview

If you currently run Windows 8 or 8.1, you can update it now to Windows 10 Technical Preview with Build Number 9926. As mentioned, Cortana is only for the U.S. market as of now and comes in a English language version. If you?re outside the country and attempt to ?ask? something, you will get a reply saying Cortana is ?not available in your region.?

We bet you?re already Googling for ways to ?fix? this. If you?re reading this, you?ve come to the right place as we?re about to give you a quick guide on how to enable Cortana on your Windows 10. This is provided by clever folks from Neowin but we?ve done some legwork and came up with outlined steps. Check it out below.

Steps on how to activate Cortana on WIndows 10 if you?re outside the US

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • Go to Control Panel and choose ?Clock, Language, and Region? on the right portion of the window.
  • Click on ?Region? and edit the following settings:
    • In the Formats tab, choose ?English (United States).?
    • In the Location tab, select United States as Home location.
    • Finally, click on the Administrative tab and set the Current System Local to ?English (United States)?
  • You also need to set your primary display language to ?English (United States)? in order for the changes you made above to take effect.
  • If you haven?t installed it yet, navigate to ?”Add a Language” then choose the said language.
  • Restart your PC. After that, Cortana should now be able to interact by voice or text.


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