Windows 10 Game Mode: Feature To Enhance Gaming Experience

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windows 10 game mode

Microsoft?s Windows 10 has had its ups and downs since its release. However, there?s no doubt that Microsoft has been dedicated to the operating system. As a matter of fact, a recent leak has revealed that there?s going to be a Windows 10 Game Mode that is believed to be useful for gamers.

Windows 10 Recent Gaming History

Due to Microsoft?s continuous release of Windows 10 updates, users? experience have been a roller coaster ride of emotions. As a matter of fact, NVIDIA GeForce 10-series users have recently encountered an error where you must first upgrade to Anniversary Update before being able to fully install the graphics drivers. In addition, games that are available in Windows Store isn?t as good as their counterparts in Steam.

Furthermore, it appears that Microsoft is prepping something that is about to make gamers happy in the future. According to a Twitter user named WalkingCat, a build that has been leaked recently contains a file called ?gamemode.dll?. And according to WalkingCat, the said file will allow the operating system to adjust its resource allocation to make the game you?re playing the priority.

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In other words, running a game using the Windows 10 Game Mode would further optimize the experience. Hence, the computer might be able to dish out more FPS or eliminate lags and/or stutters. In this case, it would be a perfect application especially for the people who are short in hardware capabilities such as RAM or CPU.

windows 10 game mode

At the present time, there?s no doubt that Windows 10 has a lot of background processes. These background processes are potentially taking up a lot of resources such as CPU usage, RAM or even GPU power. As a result, it would cause the system to slow down and potentially output poor gaming performance.

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Windows 10 Game Mode Release Date

At the present time, nobody knows whether this update will launch alongside the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. In addition, it?s unknown whether the feature will work with games not purchased from Microsoft?s Windows Store.

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