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Windows 10 Free Upgrade Deadline Looms: How To Get It Now

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The Windows 10 free upgrade deadline is looming. It will only be free until the end of July.

In a March 29 report by TechRadar, it is said that Windows 10 is already on over 20 percent of PCs in the United States. But as the deadline nears, Windows 10 is getting less adopted by users.

This is quite a scare for Microsoft in their effort to push Windows 10 more to the masses. Could they extend its Windows 10 free upgrade promo? Maybe they could but we could not really count on it. But why upgrade if you think that Windows XP, ?7 or 8 is working just fine for you? Well, as per Dan Grabham of TechRadar, it is Microsoft?s pivotal operating system. Also, Matt Egan of PC Advisor thinks that it is the best Windows OS yet. Check those links for their reviews.

If you?re a believer and you want to get the Windows 10 free upgrade now, here is what you could do.

System Requirements

According to ComputerWorld, the system requirements did not really change much since Windows Vista. Brian Barrett, in his Wired article, details the minimum requirements. One would only need a 1GHz processor, 16GB of RAM (or 2GB for 64-bit), and a free disk space of 20GB. The Windows 10 free upgrade is not that strenuous. It uses system resources very lightly.

Windows 10 Reservation

Next is to check whether or not you have your Windows 10 free upgrade reservation already. Then look for a ?Get Windows 10? icon on your system tray and reserve your upgrade. You can then schedule an install and when all the files have been downloaded, a notification will arrive from Microsoft. From there, you then run the installer and it will take about 20 minutes to an hour depending on the power of your PC.

Note: If you have already gotten your Windows 10 free upgrade reserved and you just forgot about it, then you can go ahead and check the system tray for the notification. It is pretty likely that you have the files downloaded already and you are ready to install.

Skip the Waiting List, Do It Now

If you have not reserved it yet though, you have to wait for your cue to get your Microsoft download and this may take some time. Luckily, there are pretty helpful people out there that share life hacks that would allow you to skip the cue. Check the step by step guide on LifeHacker. To put it more simply though, you just head here now, download the Media Creation tool, launch it when it has finished downloading and click ?Upgrade This PC.? When you click next, the tool just does it easily for you. Your PC will reboot and once it is back on, it will run it?s process and in little time you?d get your Windows 10 free upgrade.

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