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windows 10 free tools

Many professionals require easy to use tools for their daily tasks. As they are spending a major part of their lives around the PC, it is necessary that they use?tools to?simplify their activities. If you are a Windows user and need to increase productivity for your regular activities, then these Windows 10 free tools are for you.

The best part of the Windows operating system is that hundreds of third party software are available to download for free. You can get different types of tools which will increase your productivity and can ease your work.

Download Manager

If you are stuck up with your browser?s in-built download manager, then this tool is the best one to manage your downloads at one place. It not only manages your stuff but also speeds up the downloading process with 5 times faster than the speed of your internet service provider. You can even customize the manager the way you like. You can even play media files while downloading.


It is a substitute for Windows? in-built search tool. Although, it is not as good as Cortana, it is far better at finding specific files from dozens of files and folders. This will even help you search with a specific keyword and will show you the results in real time.

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Simple OC

If extracting text from images is your regular job, then this tool is the best one to use. Abbreviated as OCR, optical character Recognition helps you to get the accurate text from the selected image. It is compatible for reading both the printed and handwritten texts with utmost perfection. You can get a perfect copy and reliable extraction from printed text and handwritten copies.

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tools for windows 10


It is a one-stop solution for all your regular professional requirements. Right from checking emails to managing your accounts and passwords, it offers extensive flexibility to its users. You can use a single master password for all your important accounts. You can even manage all the communication channels through Rambox.

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