Windows 10 Free: Last Day Is Today, Install Now For The Sake of Future Games

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Windows 10 Free

Previously, Windows has promised to give out free Windows 10 upgrades for free. General PC players were uncomfortable with their PCs forcing the update, but it actually may be an advantage to upgrade to Windows 10 now that it?s aged for a bit. It might even help with future games, which may require players to have Windows 10 to work.

According to the official Windows 10 site, there is only a day left before the free Windows 10 offer comes to a halt. After this month, PC owners may have to spend money to upgrade to Windows 10. However, the offer is only accessible to Windows 7 users, so tough luck if you?re using something older. According to the Microsoft?s Windows 10 free upgrade guidelines, your PC may need extra space for the new Operation System in your PC.

While Windows 10 boasts its high user count, some PC owners say that their PC just automatically downloaded and installed the software on the PC without their consent. It might be comfortable to stick to the older OS in gaming for stability, but there will still be games in the future that may completely shift into Windows 10 compatibility and leave Windows 7 behind.

For PC Gamers, it?s actually a stalemate between potential and current compatibility. If you?re aiming to play the recent AAA or eSports games on the PC like Overwatch and League of Legends, it?s best that you have the best software to be ready for its updates. However, if you?re barely planning on competitive games or are more focused on indie games, it might be best to stay on an older OS for the sake of compatibility.

Before you press that Windows 10 download button, it?s better to reassess the situation for the sake of your PC. Impulse upgrading may actually hamper your PC?s memory capacity and you may lose saved files in the process. On the other hand, you?ve just assured that your PC can handle future games at the moment. For now, think hard on which games you?d rather have and choose the OS that?s more compatible to your preferred games and not just what?s new on the market.

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