Windows 10 Dominance: converting Androids to compatible systems

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The move to dominate the market again

The move to dominate the market again

Microsoft has grandiose plans for its latest operating system, Windows 10. One of the major features is the functionality of the Windows 10 to be installed on Android devices. The testing is being done through several owners of the Xiaomi Mi 4, one of the company?s latest smartphones.

The Technology to Dominate

What Microsoft has done was to create a custom ROM specifically designed to replace the Android operating system in the same manner as the CyanogenMod. The main difference is CyanogenMod is Android based while the new Microsoft Rom would be using the Windows 10 template.

Thus, when using the Microsoft ROM, the old Android OS would be wiped out and would be replaced by a new OS very similar to the Windows 10, including all the Microsoft apps and services installed instead. While functionality would not be as seamless as running a true Windows Phone with the Windows 10 but the user experience would be nearly identical.

The experiment, according to Microsoft?s official statement, would allow Xiaomi Mi4 users ?the ability to flash their phones with the new Windows 10 OS and provide feedback to Xiaomi and Microsoft on their experience.?

Fighting Piracy with Freeware

In another groundbreaking move uncharacteristic of the software giant, Windows 10 would be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 this coming summer. This free update, as reported, would also extend to versions used by software pirates.

According to Microsoft Windows Chief Terry Myerson, in an interview, ?We are upgrading all qualified PCs, genuine and non genuine to Windows 10.?? This was seconded by an unnamed Microsoft spokesperson, who said, ?Anyone with a qualified deice can upgrade to Windows 10, including those with pirated copies of Windows. We believe customers over time will realize the value of properly licensing Windows and we will make it easy for them to move to legitimate copies.?

The Purpose of the Program

Is this a ?if you can?t beat ?em join ?em strategy?? At the beginning, Microsoft has been at the forefront of fighting software piracy, especially in China. Despite years of work and effort, software piracy remains a major issue especially in the developing world. With the new updates and roll out of Windows 10, clearly Microsoft would return to their position of dominance in the technology world.

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