Windows 10 Dedicated Twitter App Enhances User Experience, Gets Mixed Reviews

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Twitter is taking advantage of Windows 10 users as they released their new and improved platform. Matching with the Windows 10 launch, the new and improved look came exclusively for the Windows 10 users for a unique experience.

The websites Product Manager David Gasca said in a blog that the new platform?for Windows 10 is a Universal Windows Application that gives you instant access to top Tweets, photos and videos without requiring a login. ?You?ll also see Tweets right out of the box in live tiles from the Start menu,? Gasca added.

Some users apparently didn?t respond well to the new platform.

Other gave it a shot and seemed happy with it.

?The original version of the app, when you got right down to it, was pretty bad. It barely did anything beyond the basics of creating tweets, retweeting, and viewing your timeline,? Ian Paul from PC World shared. ?It didn?t even update the timeline on a regular basis, requiring manual refreshes much of the time,? He added.

Engadget also posted that the new app certainly wasn?t the most sophisticated one, but it does offer a lot of the in-line media playback you’d expect in 2015, such as multiple photos, Vine videos and GIF animations. Other highlights of the twitter app include Twitter Live Tiles and sharing photos privately in Direct Messages.

?Twitter for Windows is truly a good-looking app, arguably for the first time. The app adjusts beautifully when you snap it to the side of your screen or use it Quadrants-style, taking up just one quarter of a display,? Paul said.

The app currently has a lot of room for more upgrades, but it?is still the same app?given its simple post and tweet action. And if you?re a true Windows fan, you?ll definitely love what Twitter brought to Windows 10. But there is a piece of note to remember: The website?promises for ?continued improvements to Twitter for Windows in the coming days and months.?

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