Windows 10 Creators Updates May Use Metered Connection to Download Updates

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Windows 10 Creators Update will download patches even on metered connection
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Updates are important for any mobile or desktop operating system. They keep users safe from any malicious attacks as well as keeping the system fully functional. That is why it is good practice to perform firmware updates as soon as they arrive. Unfortunately, there are instances when an update cannot be performed right away, such as in a metered connection. However, it seems like this is going to be an issue with the new Windows 10 Creators update from Microsoft.

According to Supersite Windows, the new Windows 10 Creators update will download updates even on metered connection. While the system will not download the entire firmware, downloading on metered connection is only used for critical updates. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not elaborate on how big these metered downloads will be. According to Microsoft, it does not intend to send out large updates through metered connection. However, it can use this feature for highly critical patches in the future.

Windows 10 Creators will download updates even on metered connection

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At the moment, this may sound like a big blow especially on Windows 10 users who are always on the go. Relying on metered connection all the time can mean that a Windows 10 update may or may not happen anytime. For metered connection users, this may involve extra expense on data.

While the consensus about the metered connection is still split, it would seem that Microsoft is still finalizing this part of the update. The software giant has yet to make an official clarification about updates released on metered connections. Microsoft has to hit the balance between a crucial update and the amount of data a user has.

The Windows 10 metered connection setting is a good way of conserving precious data when on-the-go. It sets updates on apps and operating system to be halted and resume only when the computer is on a much cheaper connection; i.e. Wi-Fi.

If in the case of very limited data, users should be given additional granularity on the update settings. They should be able to start or stop updates, even the crucial ones, when they see fit. It is not a very good idea to use up data on updates that can actually wait for a non-metered connection. For more updates on the Windows 10 Creators update, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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