Windows 10 Build: New Details Now Out, Better Skype Messaging, Quick Reply, Book An Uber Ride With Cortana And More!

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Last Monday, Microsoft has just released a new preview build for their latest Windows 10 OS, though this is more of a preview rather than the actual build, this gives you some in-depth look at the new features that will be added to the Microsoft operating system, you can also check their announcement about the preview build from their official blog. The preview for the 10565 Build lets you tap in Skype?s messaging, calling and video calling from any Windows 10 universal apps, making it more compatible to any apps from Messaging and Phone, for now it is compatible with the PC but a mobile version will be available soon. Some nifty improvements were also found, including the Quick Reply on the Action Center, what it does is that all incoming notifications has an option to reply inline without actually opening the application.

There will be a Tab Preview feature in the web browser Microsoft Edge, all you need to do is just hover at the tab and you will see the preview on what is inside the web page. There is also a syncing feature that lets you sync your Favorites and Reading List items to Microsoft Edge. There is also an improvement with Cortana, Microsoft?s digital assistant, as she can intelligently understand inked notes, setting any reminders based on time, numbers and locations. She can now track your leisure time, prepare bookings for your movie, Uber ride and ticketed events from email notifications. There are also some improvements on the appearance of the operating system, such as darker title bars, improved context menus on the Start menu and a batch of new icons. There are also some fixes on some parts from the previous build.

Though this is still a preview build, there are no reports on when the actual build will become available for Windows 10.


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