Windows 10 Build 10558 Leaked: Exciting Features To Expect

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Windows 10 has been warmly received by the masses and now that it is already been installed in many households, Microsoft looks to cement its ground with new features for the OS. The Windows 10 PC edition will be receiving tons of great features based on the recent leak of the Windows 10 Build number 10558 which contains a preview of what the update might offer. Here are some of the best and interesting features revealed in the Build 10558.

Relieve Stress From Your ?C? Drive

Having disk usage problems? According to Slash Gear, apart from the ?C? drive. Users will now be able to install apps elsewhere like a microSD card or other drives.

Better Edge

A new tab preview feature now enables users to peek at a tab before popping inside it, Slash Gear reported. The clutter inside the app?s settings menu has also been cleaned to give a simpler and cleaner look.

Communication Applications

Three new communication apps: Messaging, Skype Video, and the Microsoft Phone app were shown. According to Tech Times, the Messaging app still looks like a ?skeletal framework?. Nothing much about the Microsoft Phone is known despite the leak because the app?s feature is linked with Skype Videos, however, it is said to allow users to receive calls, the report said. Skype Videos intuitively pops the video display upon opening the app, showcasing that video calls is the feature it touts, Tech Times reported.

Find Your Missing Devices

Are you frustrated of always recklessly misplaying your mobile device? According to Tech Times, the new ?Find My Device? feature will let you track your device?s last recorded location. However, it seems like the feature can only find Windows 10 devices.

Other new features that might be included in the Windows 10 PC edition as shown in Build number 10558 include new icons in the Start menu and a Spotlight feature.

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