Win a Knight Rider KITT Automobile from David Hasselhoff

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Win a Knight Rider KITT Automobile from David Hasselhoff

It used to be difficult to admit that “I am a child of the ’80s?.

There was a time, during the ’90s and the early years of the 2K that the ’80s was dismissed as a ?ridiculous? time in terms of lifestyle and fashion.

As we go about this century’s ’10s, the ’80s seems to have had a change in ?image? and ?appeal?. Everyone is bitten by the ’80s bug the same way my generation was fascinated with the flower power of the ’60s.

Suddenly, fashion and novelty items from the ’80s are ?in demand? especially for those who grew up in that era and are now in a mature and financially stable situation to indulge in some bit of 80’s retro.

And what could be more ’80s than David Hasselhoff, Knight Rider and the amazing KITT automobile.


For those who have the means and would like to indulge in the most amazing ’80s novelty, now is the chance to win (as in an auction sale) the most amazing ’80s vehicle, as well as one of the most popular cars of all time ? the KITT ( Knight Industries Two Thousand), from the Knight Rider TV series.

The auction winner also gets to purchase the car from the ’80s icon himself, David Hasselhoff.

The KITT automobile is a full size, street legal, automobile made by a die-hard fan of the TV show. The fan, Jeniffer Catano, gave the car as a gift to the show’s star, the ?Hoff?.

Offhand, we can name a few ?showbiz? cars that can rival the KITT in popularity. There is the Aston Martin DB5 of James Bond, or the ?General Lee? of the TV show Dukes of Hazzard.

There is the Batmobile of course, which practically trumps everything else, but for the pure ’80s fan, the KITT is the leader of the pack.

The KITT car, made from a Pontiac Firebird, was fitted with loads of LED lights and gauges to make it a replica of the ?artificial intelligence? enabled car of the hit TV show. Catano also customized the car with a W-shaped steering wheel and scissor doors (Lamoborghini style).

To top it off, she installed sound clips recorded from the show (4,000 files in all) that you can play to get the full KITT experience.

The automobile is being put on the auction block together with other ?Hoff? items like his denim duster jacket (floor length), his ?Baywatch? pinball machine, and his KITT golf cart.

For those who want to relive the Hoff and KITT experience, watch this video titled ?Custom Knight Rider Intro 1 ? Classic by crashb648 in YouTube:


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