Will There Be An Apple Phablet This Year?

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Rumors are going around that Apple is coming out with their own phablet (hybrid of smartphones and tablets) sometime in May this year.

Reports from Chinese publication Huanqiu via Yahoo Japan have painted a somewhat clearer picture:

The phablet will not be part of the iPhone 6 family and will have a screen that?s larger than 5 inches. It?ll have a 20 nanometer processor that is more likely to be an A8 processor. Similarly, iPhone 6 is rumored to come out in September and it will be slimmer than iPhone5s, which is expected to have a reduced price.

These are unconfirmed reports but, interestingly, Apple has not confirmed nor denied. There?s just silence on their part.

But then again, didn?t they say that when there?s smoke there?s fire?

And even if Apple has no plans of making a phablet, we can be certain that they?re going to release a newer iPhone. That has been a tradition for them. Still, the thought of having an Apple phablet isn?t a far-fetched idea considering the following:

  • In the last few years, before newer versions of the iPhone were confirmed and came out, rumors about them were plenty. Months before the iPhone 5 was unveiled, enthusiasts were already speculating about the new Apple product. I wouldn?t be surprised if, months from now, these rumors turn out to be true.
  • The company has released a new iPhone every year and there?s a big chance that they already have something lined up for 2014.
  • The demand for phablets is rising. According to Bob O?Donnell, president and founder of Technalysis Research, 175 million phablets are going to be sold all over the world this year. That?s something any company would love to take advantage of.
  • The competition is getting stiffer. Samsung is notable for making phablets very popular. Its Galaxy Note models are loved by consumers, especially in Asia. It?s not surprising that other companies have followed suit?Huawei, Asus and ZTE among others. Doesn?t it make sense for Apple to try and capture a huge slice of the market pie by coming up with their own?

Take a look at some of the good phablet models today:

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

sony xperia z ultra


Nokia Lumia

nokia lumia


HTC One Max

htc one max


Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung Galaxy Mega


We really can?t confirm these reports and the only way we can find out if there?s something to these stories is to wait. For the meantime, here are 5 awesome phablets you might want to get hold of.

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