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Will There Be A Solar-Powered iPhone Soon?

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Solar-powered iPhones

There?s a big chance of a solar-powered iPhone soon, and it could mean doing away with the hassle of charging your phone constantly!

According to Express.co.uk, the tech giant Apple has just been granted a patent for solar cells to be embedded underneath iPhone touchscreens, like those used in a Macbook trackpad, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch display.

This will truly amp Apple?s standing in the smartphone war (a battle they?ve been winning against Android and Windows phones in terms of sales). The main beef of Apple users have always been battery life, add to the flimsy quality of lighting cables.

Solar-powered iPhone 7

This groundbreaking feature can be seen being applied to the next generation iPhone 7. According to them: ?The wireless device has a touch sensor and a solar cell that converts ambient light into electrical power.?

“Wireless communications circuitry transmits the touch input to the external equipment using the electrical power from the solar cell.?Energy storage devices such as a capacitor and a battery can be charged using the electrical power.”

If ever, the solar power cell, nestled within the bezel, would surely be the perfect, and Earth-friendly solution to the current one-day iPhone battery life.

As a disclaimer however, Apple has always been known for patenting inventions that are still for public release, so even if the solar panels are currently being used for some of Apple?s hardware (most notably in the Apple watch), there?s no guarantee of it being used for the next iPhone.

Express further reports that it has been heavily rumoured that Apple is preparing to remove the iconic, circular Home Button and physical Touch ID from the front of the iPhone 7. The physical button will allegedly be replaced by a pressure sensitive Force Touch display.

This is the perfect set-up for the solar panels if ever.

Battery improvements

Even without the solar panels though, Apple has already been addressing concerns regarding their battery life. Once the new iOS 9 officially launches, it is expected to help preserve battery life by as much as 30% or an additional 1 hour of use.

Other features like a new power saver mode which “pulls switches you didn’t even know existed” will give iPhone and iPad users an extra three hours of battery ? on-top of the additional hour.

With?Low Power Mode?turned on ? background activity, motion effects, and animated wallpapers are all disabled.

For the incoming iPhone 6s, rumors show that it will have a bigger battery cell to pack more power.

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