Is Will Smith Dead? The Truth Behind The Murder News

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News that Will Smith is dead began circulating earlier this month. News of his passing have been going around amid promotions for his upcoming new movie Collateral Beauty.

To clear things up, we?ve rounded up reasons why news about Will Smith?s death keeps resurfacing. ?

Will Smith dead after losing cancer battle?

News of the 48-year-old Hollywood superstar?s passing came out in early November. According to reports, his family mourned when a certain Will Smith succumbed to cancer.


Will Smith with his family

However, it was eventually confirmed that the one who died is the rapper-actor?s father, Willard Carroll Smith, Sr.

The elder Smith was allegedly only given six weeks to live after being diagnosed. He ended up living for four more months, but Will Smith admitted that he still took the loss heavily.

?It was rough for about a week,? he told Entertainment Tonight.

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Eventually, he decided to use his time of mourning to absorb himself in an upcoming role. It was for Will Smith?s new movie Collateral Beauty, which will be released on December 16.

?I decided that we would use the process of the character, who was suffering a loss,? he narrated.

Death by murder?

Prior to losing his father to cancer, Will Smith was first declared dead due to an incident that took place last April.

Many were shocked when media publications reported that he was brutally murdered.

However, the man who was killed was identified as Will Smith from the New Orleans Saints. The trial for the NFL star?s murder got off to a dramatic start just last Tuesday. Major news networks have been covering the hearing.

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Those who are not familiar with the deceased athlete most likely thought that the one who was killed was Will Smith the actor. This is a possible reason why death rumors have resurfaced again.

Jaden Smith

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air star is not the only person in their family who has been involved in death reports.

Months ago, his son Jaden Smith was repeatedly tagged in celebrity death hoaxes. The 18-year-old allegedly killed himself on camera after saying goodbye to his family.

However, all of these were eventually proven false.

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