Is Will Smith Dead? Shocking Murder Trial Details, News, Wife Shows Gunshot Wounds During New Orleans Saints Star’s Death Hearing

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Will Smith is dead! Not the actor, but the athlete.

The New Orleans Saints star was gunned down in April as a result of alleged road rage. Eight months after the case happened, the trial finally started. One of those who took the stand was his wife Racquel Smith.

While looking at the jury, Racquel stated that she does not want sympathy. All she want is justice for her husband as she is representing him in the court. The widowed wife then told her version of the story. According to her, she was sitting in the back of their SUV when Cardell Hayes accused her husband of hitting the back of his Hummer.

?I, from the bottom of my heart, didn?t think we hit this guy,? said Racquel. Even her late husband did not think they hit Hayes? vehicle. However, it was revealed by a surveillance video that Will Smith did make contact with Hayes? Hummer.

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Racquel then noticed that they were being followed. Hayes then ?intentionally? rammed the back of their car, which provoked an argument between Will and Hayes. The widowed wife then exited the car to try to pacify her husband. ?This is not worth it,? she said. Will Smith got the message and ?walked away? from the confrontation. As he turned his back, that is when Hayes fired at him.

But, it was not just her husband who got shot, because even her legs were wounded. ?I didn?t do you anything for you to shoot me. Thank God, I?m here with my babies,? said Racquel while looking at Hayes.

It was also clarified in the trial that there was no physical contact happened before the shooting. During the cross-examination, Racquel admitted that her husband had a gun stored on the driver?s side of their car. Hayes? lawyer, Jay Daniels, then insisted that his client fired his gun because Will Smith was reaching for his.

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However, Jason Napoli, assistant New Orleans district attorney, said there is no evidence that Smith was getting his gun. Also, even if he was, it is still not enough to shot someone in the back several times.

How about you? What do you think of this case? Who do you think was at fault? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more news and updates about Will Smith?s case, stay tuned here on The Bitbag.

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