Will Nintendo Repeat the Same Mistake They Did in The Past This Coming E3?

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Nintendo Direct
Nintendo Direct

Last month, just before April ended, Nintendo announced its plans ?for the upcoming E3 2014. The company didn?t hold a press conference at E3?s premises last year, and they intend to do the same this year.

However, last year?s presentation was a bit on the ?bad? side (and in a literally bad way). A bit goofed up presentation, some major announcements that didn?t really hit the ?marks?, and the supposedly web stream that failed to work properly. This clearly failed and Nintendo is all about trying to correct (or repeat?) this, by going about it all over again, instead of doing it the proper way, which is by making their presence at E3 itself.

Nintendo is targeting its core audience, which are, owners of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS (which counts up to over 40 million worldwide.)

Nintendo Direct is, of course, always been targeted for CURRENT owners of their devices, and this is actually a good and consistent move from Nintendo. Reinforcement is an important part to keep your consumer-base loyal to the brand, by having them know that they?ve purchased the right product for their needs and wants.

Convincing the newcomers is a different story however. This is very crucial especially when a certain device like the Wii U is at this point of its life cycle.

Both these strategies are important to the brand, but the other one is for customers whose loyalty is without any question now. The other one is an attempt to bring in MORE customers in the circle, and the latter seems to be more important at events like the annual E3.

Even though Nintendo can ?patch-up? some of these minor scratches by posting pricing announcements on Nintendo Direct, there is still some things that you cannot replicate in being in a room with ?real? people, reacting to what you have to say about your product.

Nintendo?s Nintendo Direct videos are nothing short of amusing, but sometimes, it feels ?generic? and to a point, unnatural. Nothing beats the real presence of interaction between brand holders, consumers and potentially-soon-to-be-consumers. What Nintendo is doing, is trying to hold on tighter to what it already has, and keeping the doors shut for curious people around them.

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