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Will Marvel Kill Captain America?

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Captain America: Civil War Rumor

We?ve been talking about a lot of the movie trailers from the recently concluded Comic Con 2015, so we feel it?s an Ok time more than ever to discuss another trailer that?s been making a buzz for months ? Captain America: Civil War showing next year May, and the humor of Marvel killing off Steve Rogers in it.

Will Marvel kill Captain America?

Why would they do that you say? There are actually a lot of factors leading to this conclusion, first of which, is that this is the only way to give new life from the otherwise formulaic plots of the recent Marvel movies.

Of course, we all need a hero to save the world, but it was only Captain America, particularly in the Winter Soldier, which brought a refreshing twist to the world of Marvel Superheroes.

And of course, there are the theories. Moviepilot shared that for the audience to further connect to the characters, Marvel needs a death that they can actually empathize.

?I know what you guys are thinking, Quicksilver’s death mattered. But if you think about it, it really didn’t. Quicksilver was one of the new avengers, so we really didn’t know him that well, and when he died, I really didn’t care. But if someone like Captain America were to die in Civil War, it would be heart breaking.?

Screen Crush on the other hand, speculates death as well based on reports a few months back. According to the site, Captain America: Civil War was filming at the Peachtree Christian Church with extras dressed in all black funeral wear. Of course, it?s not sure who actually died in the scene, but it was also reported that the Cap himself was wearing a black tuxedo.

Cinema Blend on the other hand, spoke about how directors Joe and Anthony Russo teased a potential subtitle for the third Captain America movie: Fallen Son. For those unfamiliar, Fallen Son was the name of a five-issue mini series that looked at how different Marvel superheroes reacted to Cap?s death following Civil War.

Of course, there are other more ?real? details like Chris Evan?s contract dramas, but we won?t bore you with that.

Trailer plot

For the trailer plot, we all know there has been some building tensions between the Cap and Iron Man, so we?re thinking the premise comes from there.

A casting notice from the set shares: Billionaire Tony Stark is pitted against Captain America aka Steve Rogers in an ethical face-off over the U.S. government’s Superhuman Registration Act, which requires all superpowered individuals register their powers and report to S.H.I.E.L.D.’

Truly exciting months ahead indeed.

Will Marvel Kill Captain America?

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