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You Will Love this New WhatsApp Update If You Have Experienced Falling in the Trap of Sending Wrong Messages

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The latest WhatsApp Update now brings you the convenience of revoking messages after you sent them to the wrong recipient. The new WhatsApp Update is not yet confirmed by the company, but leaks online suggests it will arrive soon. A video introduction of the latest WhatsApp Update is also featured; showing exactly how it works.

How to revoke Messages on the Latest WhatsApp Update

Messages sent on WhatsApp can be deleted by the sender, but only from a certain period of time. Take note that old messages cannot be revoked and is not applicable to this latest WhatsApp update.

By pressing long on the sent message, an option whether to revoke, delete or copy the message will pop out. Once you see the option, you can press ?revoke? and your message will be deleted on your device as well as the recipient?s mobile phone.

Unfortunately, the time range when you can revoke a message was not indicated. Currently, the said WhatsApp update is still under development and has not been launched for everybody to use. In a twitter post by WABetaInfo, it said ?WhatsApp added in beta the possibility to edit messages that you already sent! It is actually disabled by default and it’s under development.?

WhatsApp Update

Interestingly, revoking a message is not the only thing you can do on the latest WhatsApp Update. According to IBT, users can also edit the message if they wish to, instead of deleting it. Currently on its beta form, this latest WhatsApp update will arrive on the iOS when the development and creation of its features is finalized.

Previously, WhatsApp added the video calling feature wherein, it was marred by a bug that invites users to click on a link for them to activate the video call. WhatsApp has since addressed the issue saying, the video call feature of the app is free and is automatically added when a user updates the latest version of WhatsApp on their phone.

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