Will & Grace New Video: Full Scoop

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Will and Grace Reunion
Will and Grace Reunion

The internet has been in a frenzy with the recent new Will & Grace clip that has been recently unveiled. The nearly 10 minute clip brought back both nostalgia and hope with the return of the beloved cast. Will Truman, Grace Adler, Karen Walker, and Jack McFarland make it all back in the special clip.

The Video

It?s been 10 years since the world has last heard from Will & Grace. The new clip brings back the cast into a modern setting as they quickly go through many of the current topics of today. The cast talk about Brangelina?s split, Fifty Shades of Grey, Dancing with the Stars, and most importantly, the Trump vs Clinton election. The whole clip actually centers on the election as a topic.

Things start off with just Will and Grace but then Karen enters the scene and shakes things up. Karen?s a Trump supporter and Grace does her best to convert her to the Clinton side.

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Grace points out how Trump?s a mean guy and how he?s mean to Mexicans. Karen absorbs Grace?s points reason like a brick wall. Karen is unfazed by Grace?s words.

Things pick up even more when Jack joins the scene. Unlike Karen, Jack is pretty ambiguous on his stance. Grace shifts her attention to Jack and goes off on the many reasons why he should vote and that he should vote for Clinton.

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Jack is unconvinced with Grace?s arguments, even after she had shared how much of an inspiration Clinton was for her. Hilariously, Jack was only convinced to pick Clinton after Will pointed out that Katy Perry liked Hilary.


Behind the Video

The cast have been making lot of heads turn on social media. They?ve been sending out tweets and have supported the #VoteHoney campaign on Twitter. ?The cast have teased fans and even shared an official cast reunion photo.

The video that came out was as funny as it was political. It was revealed just hours before Clinton and Trump?s presidential debate.

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The show?s producers and staff might have met up together to make the video to tackle a social issue, many hope it doesn?t just end there. Even after all these years, the show still has a strong following. Needless to say the fans want more.

The cast still have it. Who?s to say that a Will & Grace new season or a revival isn?t plausible?

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