WildStar open beta coming on May 8th

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Game developer Carbine Studios have announced that their massively multiplayer online role playing game, WildStar, will be entering a 10 day open beta that will be starting on May 8 and will continue until May 18.

During this time, players will be able to visit the Open Beta page to be able to request for a key. Once a key is obtained, players can then enter the game and hop into the WildStar experience which will have content up to level 30 as the level cap has been increased. For players who have already tried any other WildStar beta events like beta weekends or stress tests, a new key is no longer required. All these players need to do is to patch the game and they?ll be able to play without any issues.

Together with the open beta are some more features for players to explore. Check out some more details below.

First we have Farside, once players get to level 30, they will have the option to travel to Farside where players can ?go to the moon and float around while swinging a massive sword into badass, vicious, people eating extra-terrestrials?.

Next up is the Galeras Adventure, it is a tower defense theme content that pits you and four of your friends against an invading force and you?ll need to hold the fort until reinforcements can arrive. The enemy forces will be throwing everything they have your way, including tanks, missile strikes, stealth assassins, snipers, and even some hulking military commandos. All of these combined will be sure to give you quite an epic adventure.

Aside from new maps and gameplay, there are also two new abilities that will be added. As soon as your character reaches level 30, 2 new abilities will be unlocked for your specific class.

Another good incentive to reach level 30 is the addition of a final ability slot. This will give players the motivation to buy a new ability, so that they can use it on their ability rotation.

Lastly, we have tier points. These points power up your abilities to have bigger and better damage.

Photo Source: WildStar official blog

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