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WildStar Free To Play, Here?s How To Get The Game

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One of NCSoft?s premium online games is now joining the free-to-play market.

Today, WildStar has joined the ranks of the free-to-play games, Carbine Studios has re-launched the MMO into a free-to-play MMORPG with its latest game update called WildStar: Reloaded. The said game update will be the biggest update for the game, with more raids and starting zones, etc., WildStar launched last June 2014 as a subscription-based game. Developed by Carbine Studios which was formed in 2005 by former Blizzard employees. The game is a science fiction MMPRPG where you can play as one of the eight playable races with two factions to choose, it also packs a ton of end-game content such as raids and war plots and has a deep player housing system.

But due to the low player figures and poor sales revenue, Carbine decided to change the business plans from subscription based to free-to-play when they decided to shift to free-to-play with their announcement last May. Now that the game has finally implemented the free-to-play model, product director Mike Donatelli mentioned that it will be a major milestone for the game, he noted that the developers will not be backing away from WildStar due to the change of business model, and they will still continue to create more content for the players.

Those who are long-time players of the game will be given special rewards, while those who want to continue with the subscription will have the Signature status that will be granted special privileges that free players will not receive. However, those who opt for the free accounts can still access to every zone, raid and battleground, there will still be limitations, and you can check the full rundown on the benefits by heading to the free-to-play FAQ.

Though WildStar will have microtransactions, Donatelli addressed that these are only aimed for convenience and not designed to have unfair advantage in the game. If you like to try out WildStar, you can now register for free and download the free game client

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