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Wild Arms Mobile Release Date And Rumors: Possible Gameplay and Characters

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Remember way back when the PlayStation One was the top console to hit the market and you used CD?s to play a game? If you were a fan of roleplaying games since then, you would have had ?Wild Arms? as one of your CDs. Now this adventure filled game is making a comeback as a Wild Arms mobile game and it would probably give us the mobile experience of a lifetime.

According to a Twitter post by the official Playstation account, ?Forward Works, Sony?s new company, has been working on the ?Wild Arms mobile? project. The said game is set to have its debut on mobile devices. This remake is in line with the 20th year of the said game series that was first played on Playstation.

There is also a chance that the original team (including the producer of the game, Akifumi Kaneko) who made the first two Wild Arms game will once again share their talent to make this newest installment possible. So expect that the cinematography, graphics and overall feel of the game will give you a big dose of nostalgia.

As seen on the cover art, the old gang is back. On the right side of the art we see Rudy Roughknight (Wild Arms), Virginia Maxwell (Wild Arms 3) and Dean Stark (Wild Arms 5). Meanwhile on the left side we see Ashley Winchester (Wild Arms 2), Jude Maverick (Wild Arms 4) and Clarissa Arwin (Wild Arms XF) .

The merging of different characters from different versions of the game can only mean that there will probably be a new storyline that gamers can enjoy. Since this is Wild Arms, we can anticipate that there will be a lot more characters to be added as the game progresses.

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There is still no news about the story and how the gameplay will work. But we can assume that the battle style will resemble the turn-based battle that the game originally has, and it will be tailored for mobile devices. With a little polishing and enhancement of the graphics, especially when it comes to puzzle solving, this upcoming Wild Arms mobile game will definitely be more enjoyable to play.

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