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Wil Wheaton of Star Trek ?Ditches? Google And Uses Indiegogo To Fund Games Show TableTop

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Wil Wheaton of Star Trek ?Ditches? Google And Uses Indiegogo To Fund Games Show TableTop

Wil Wheaton may not be liked by certain people (like Sheldon Cooper, for instance), but, the popular actor (Wesley Crusher in Star Trek : The Next Generation, Gordie Lachance in Stand By Me, and as a fictionalized character of ? himself? in The Big Bang Theory) needs his geek and nerd fans to rally around him and support his web series ?TableTop?.

TableTop is described as a ?let’s hang out and play board games? show and is a creation of Wheaton and Felicia Day. The series is broadcasted on Day’s YouTube channel ?Geek & Sundry?.

Wheaton, considered by many gamer geeks as an icon, wants his fans to finance the upcoming web series after two years of being bankrolled by Google. Wheaton started a campaign in crowdsourcing site Indiegogo during the 2nd Annual International TableTop Day and aims to raise as much as US$500 Thousand Dollars to produce the next seasons 15 episodes.

As of this writing, Wheaton has already raised US$ 398,180.00 Dollars with 33 days to go.

The campaign indicated that if the funds raised reach US$ 750 Thousand Dollars, it will be able to finance a total of 20 episodes.

Wheaton also shared that if the Indiegogo campaign manages to raise One Million Dollars, he will proceed to launch another spin-off web series dedicated to role playing games (the Dungeons & Dragons sort).

Wheaton adds that the whole campaign is envisioned to come up with a show that is not only for tabletop gamers, but also funded by the same global community who supports it.

He said that ? ?(I’d) been going around the country and through parts of Canada for the last year and a half and everywhere I go, thousands of people wanted to know what?s going on with TableTop and when there was going to be more TableTop…. When I said ?You know we?re going to make Season 3, we just got to get funding for Season 3,? before I could even finish saying that people were like, ?Shut up and take my money!??

Another reason why Wheaton and co-conspirator Day decided to go the crowd-funding way was when the 2nd Season was delayed due to scheduling problems with the Google funding.

Wheaton also explained that he was not completely sure why the Google funding did not continue after Season 2 and that he was not comfortable getting funding from game publishers (manufacturers). Wheaton adds ?I?ve always said that we will never do a pay-to-play on TableTop.?

Indiegogo supporters of TableTop vary from big time financiers who shelled out US$ 10 Thousand Dollars to fans who contributed US$5 dollars each. A US$5 Dollar contribution gets you a ?virtual high 5? while the big timers get to visit the TableTop set as a reward.

Other benefits for backers include a ?behind the scenes? look via video diaries and episodes that will be exclusively for the Indiegogo backers.

As the fund raising for Season 3 seems to be well underway, Wheaton reveals the line-up of guests he plans to invite as ?players? of the tabletop games in the show.

Top on the list are Karen Gillan (Amy Pond of ?Doctor Who?; Nebula in the upcoming ?Guardians Of The Galaxy?, where she shaved her head) and ex-NFL star Chris Kluwe.

For those who want to back Wil Wheaton and his Tabletop campaign, you can do so at:

For those who are not aware of Tabletop, here is a sample at the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel.


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