WikiBear: the Stuffed Animal Version of Siri

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The 2014 American Internation Toy Fair this week showcased a wide range of the latest toys due to be out this year. You will see a motorized paper airplane, a fish tank with robotic fish, a zombie Snow White, a unicorn food and of course, the Siri ? like stuffed bear named WikiBear. This cute bear is a know ? it ? all, which means it can tell you today?s weather, crack jokes to make you laugh, report which team won in last night?s hockey game, or tell you the name of the 15th President of the United States.

The Bear with Personality

WikiBear looks like a crossbreed of the 1980?s Teddy Ruxpin and Apple?s Siri. It is currently on display this week at the 2014 International American Toy Fair. This not ? so ? ordinary stuffed bear finds answers to your questions with the help of the Internet. WikiBear has a personality, too. He can share you his favorite color, his favorite people, and things he likes about his owner. The WikiBear can develop a relationship with his master. It gets attached to you as you play with him and slowly remembers your personality.

High ? Tech Teddy Uses Bluetooth and App for Answers


The WikiBear works as any regular stuffed bear when the Bluetooth is turned off. Once it is on, the bear syncs to your mobile device using an app and the Bluetooth technology. The bear answers questions the kid ? friendly way. It can also interact with people by engaging in a conversation as naturally as possible. The toy?s software is constantly update, so it connects to the Internet in real ? time.

WikiBear Meets Supertoy Teddy

British inventors Karsten Fl?gge and Ashley Conlan recently developed Supertoy Teddy, another talking teddy bear. It can play songs, read stories and answer questions by going online for answers. The toy hit its Kickstarter goal in just six days. The British inventors signed up a licensing deal with New York ? based Commonwealth Toys and Novelty, the creator of WikiBear.

Commonwealth Toys and Novelty executive vice president Alec Kessler said that they will still improve the WikiBear demo version before it goes out in the U.S late this year.

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