WiiWare Version Of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: JUSTICE FOR ALL – Release Date & Screens

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Who ever thought that a Court based game would be so addictive? Well if you as Capcom, you?ll be getting some more OBJECTIONS! Hit the break for the screens and the press release.


The Press Release:

Just wanted to let you know that the launch date for the WiiWare?  version of Phoenix Wright? Ace Attorney?: JUSTICE FOR ALL has been moved up! That?s right. This Capcom classic will be available for download on February 15, 2010 and it?ll cost 1,000 Wii Points?. Don?t miss out on this suspense-filled, mind boggling adventure that will leave you addicted!


In Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: JUSTICE FOR ALL, Phoenix Wright has had six months of experience and five court victories under his belt. But none of that will do him any good against the ruthless new D.A. in town. Franziska von Karma wants revenge and she’s ready to take Phoenix down at any cost!
Each game in the series presents twisting storylines and intriguing gameplay with comical anime stylings. Players will collect evidence, weed through inconsistent testimonies and overcome corrupt agendas to ensure that justice prevails! Present evidence with the wave of the Wii remote or press suspicious testimonies by wiggling it. These games can be played via single-player and will also have multiple save slots for you and your friends.

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The Screens:

gs2_00  gs2_02 gs2_03 gs2_04 gs2_05 gs2_06 gs2_07 gs2_08 gs2_09 gs2_10 gs2_11 gs2_12 gs2_13 gs2_14 gs2_15 gs2_16 gs2_17 gs2_18 gs2_19

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