WiiWare: Exciting Classics Reborn

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With all of the talk about PSN and XBL, I think some of us forget about the little system that could (or has done). Nintendo?s little white box is chock full of remixed classic of yesteryear from the excepted old school Mario games to the hundreds offered by SEGA, TurboGrafX-16 and NeoGeo there is no doubt that the Wii is truly a modern day retro machine. That being said, it doesn?t mean that ports of old games on the WiiWare platform can?t be enhanced or re-mastered.

Hit up the break for a few games that have been released in such a fashion, let?s see the updated classics.

Here are just a few games, there are many many more games on WiiWare that offer Nintendo Wii owners an archive of great, fun and family friendly entertainment.


Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth: 1000 Wii points ($10)

ExciteBike: World Rally: 1000 Wii Points ($10)

Frogger Returns: 1000 Wii Points ($10)

There you have it, graphically enhanced classic retro classics on the Nintendo Wii?s WiiWare service. One more note to add is the fact that these game offer you more than just a visual upgrade, you also get (on Excite Bike) online gaming, added content and game play, all this for $10 a piece is a great deal to me.

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