Wii U Will Be The ‘Home’ of Indie Game Developers

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Wii U eShop

Wii U eShop


Way back 2013 at the Game Developer?s Conference, Nintendo somehow promised that it would be looking to support indie game developers with their platforms. Being a company who stands up to their words, at this year?s Game Developer?s Conference, Nintendo did show that it?s not just empty words and that they certainly meant it way back. In their booth, most their booth are more focused on titles developed using the Unity development kit.

Ease of porting to the Wii U is one thing, but what really caught everybody?s attention is that Nintendo has been making efforts to make Wii U more open to indie developers making it the best accessible platform for them as much as possible.

When Nintendo?s senior manager of licensing marketing, Damon Baker was asked about why they don?t mention much about indie games, he simply answered with their plans for the platform.

?We?re trying to. That?s my job. I have to convince the powers that be about all of the great content and why we need to amplify those messages and put them in the same light with Mario. I think it is safe to say that E3 this year for Nintendo there is going to be every emphasis on Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8. There?s going to be a lot of first-party exposure there, but for us, last year was the first year we got indie content into our booth ? and then we took it one step further with PAX Prime, then took it even further with IndieCade, and now we?re here at GDC showing as well. So I think you will continue to see an emphasis or a priority in showcasing and display indie content.?

Baker added that these games will be made available through eShop and that they will promote it anywhere possible like social media sites and similar online places.

As most people might have guessed already, third party support for the Wii U has been declining over? the time. This action will surely get them back into action as the embrace of the indie community will practically bring in more of those targeted audiences.

There are more than a thousand indie titles for both the 3DS and Wii U and Nintendo has a site dedicated to these games as well that you can check here.

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