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Why Wii U is The Perfect Console for Bayonetta 2

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Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2


A lot of people must have gone nuts over the surprise port of Bayonetta 2 over to Wii U. Was this even a smart move from Platinum Games? According to JP Kellams, creative producer of Platinum Games, Bayonetta 2 wouldn?t be around if it weren?t for Nintendo and it?s not really a ?platform jump?.

A huge number of people must have flipped out after finding out that Bayonetta 2 will be made available only for Wii U. This was a tough decision to make for the group behind the game as it did so well on the previous consoles it was on. A lot of gamers were pissed by the fact that a well selling game like Bayonetta would have a sequel on an uncharted territory that the majority of them haven?t tread for more reasons than one.

In a recent presentation, Kellams explained why Bayonetta 2 was made exclusively for the Wii U. The completion of the project wouldn?t be materialized if it weren?t for Nintendo?s intervention, especially regarding changes in business situations.

“Without getting into some stuff that is both business and confidential, the simple question I’d like to ask you is, ?Do you want to play Bayonetta 2?’ Bayonetta 2 would not exist without Nintendo white knighting that project,” says Kellams. “So while I totally understand that people want to play it on the platforms that they’ve played it on previously, we really wanted to make Bayonetta 2.?

“But if you were going to sell a game on a Nintendo platform, what publisher would you choose? Right, Nintendo. Right? So if you’re going to sell a game on a Nintendo platform, the publisher that you want to be with is Nintendo because they know how best to service their audience and they’re going to do the best job of explaining your game to that platform.?

“You very rarely see huge, major third-party successes on Nintendo platforms because it’s really hard to fight against Mario, right? It’s why Universal isn’t as big as Disney. I mean, it’s really hard to fight somebody with that kind of turf, so…”

For Kellam, teaming up with Nintendo to be able to achieve what they originally visualized for Bayonetta 2 was necessary as he claims Nintendo as a ?strong and cooperative partner?.

In the end, it?s not really being Bayonetta 2 being perfect for the Wii U gameplay wise. (You could certainly do so much better with controllers you?re more accustomed to like PS4?s and Xbox One?s controllers as opposed to Wii U?s huge touchscreen controller). Not everybody?s pocket can go too deep to get another console just for a few exclusive games and that is a fact. It was the perfect platform to make sure that Bayonetta 2 actually gets to be made available and it?s better than having no way to see the sequel at all right?

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