Wii selling strong, PS3 lagging behind…

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As the next-gen console race takes off, many of us were surprised how well-received Nintendo’s underdog system was being taken. Flying off the shelves no sooner than they arrive, and with PS3’s still lining the glass cases, could David really have slain Goliath? ?

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“Sony Corp. sold 466,716 PlayStation 3 game consoles in Japan by the end of last month, less than half of its shipment target and of sales of Nintendo Co.’s rival Wii console, video game magazine publisher Enterbrain said on Tuesday.?

Enterbrain said Nintendo sold 989,118 Wii units despite a launch date about three weeks later than the PS3 in Japan. Nintendo introduced the Wii in Japan on December 2 and had a target of shipping 1 million units in that market by year end.”?

While it’s much too early to decide who is “winning” the console race, it certainly is interesting the marketing angle that Nintendo is currently using and succeeding with. With such fierce competition between Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, each offering their own strong points, the real winners here are you and I. In efforts to attract new buyers, these companies dangle more appealing morsels of entertainment in front of us, and with three separate, and very different, paths to choose, it certainly is a very good time to be a gamer!?



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