Wii HD Is Here Thanks To Sony PS3

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Nintendo Wii has had incredible success with their motion controller gimmick but now new challenges are here and Nintendo is in for a fight. Microsofts Project Natal and Sonys Magic Wand are ready to expand the motion control market and also take some market share away from Nintendo but, Sony seems to be in the best position to do this and here’s why.

Sony has already showed that they can outsell even the Nintendo Wii being $100 dollars higher in price and next year with the addition of the Magic Wand Sony has now become more than just mere competition but a threat to Nintendo Dominance.

Sonys Magic Wand has better precision than the wiimote, the combination of the PSEYE cam which will open up new motion gameplay opportunities, but most of all It’s all in HD.

Check Out The Video Article Below.

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