Wii Fit America To Have 500 Pound Weight Limit

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Thanks to the concerns of many Americans and complaints sent in from The Bitbag’s own Torrence Davis, Nintendo has retrofitted the Wii Fit to accommodate up to 500lbs of weight.  This covers a whole range of possible gamers that might want to purchase a Wii, but couldn’t do so before with the 330lb weight limit.  In an interview with Torrence Davis he gave us these details:

Well you remember when I did the Big T VS The Wii fit article back in February?  That led to my decision to contact Nintendo and ask them to increase the weight restriction on the Wii.  Americans are huge, especially the gamers who do nothing else but game.  I’m 6’4″ 350lbs and I just couldn’t play Wii Fit.  I stepped on the Wii Fit at GDC and it read, “Your weight exceeds the limit of the Wii Fit”.  Do you know what it’s like to have that appear on a huge HDTV in front of thousands of people?  So I expressed my concerns with Nintendo several times and they are now adding steel plating to the Wii Fit so it can accommodate the heavier Americans.

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